The Analogeeks: Psychofunk!

Jedenáste pokračovanie na je od francúzskeho dua The Analogeeks. Remixy sú z Veľkej Británie, Slovenska a Ruska. Breakbeat a dubstep!

Tvorbu The Analogeeks nájdete na viacerých labeoloch ako En:vision Recordings, alebo Ayra Recordings. Remixovali Home Alone (nominovaný na Best Breakthrough Producer v ankete Breakspoll), label boss Macho a dubstepový remix pripravil Killreall.

Release nájdete najprv exkluzívne na Beatporte (, kde sa nachádza medzi odporúčanými, neskôr aj v ostatných eshopoch. Djs:
17.6. Best Fest Trenčín – Macho, Wychitawacs
24.6. Let It Roll Duchonka – Wychitawacs
25.6. Let It Roll Duchonka – Macho, Brabeats

A na záver zopár slov zo zahraničia – feedback:

LLUPA – crazy original – really dig the groove on this (cranks the volume) really nice balance of sounds and vibes – works really well. Home Alone takes it on more of a low slung groove that builds and builds….. Killreal remix doesn’t do it for me. Macho lays down a peak time stomper that is just relentless. Really cool spread of tracks of this, lots of different grooves for different times of the night. My picks would have to be the original and Home Alone – much support from me – great work!

ANDY FAZE – A bit electro for my tastes – but still very good tracks. I like the original the best – nice groove. Macho & Home Alone remixes sound pretty cool too :)

DIGIBOX – Wicked tracks as usual :) Good luck with the release!!

DUANE BARRY – Nice package here, good choice of remixers but I’m going with the original – really digging all the quirky sounds and love that’s it’s a bit different – full support from me!

TRUKERS – Great Release!, It will be a very comprehensive release that covering different styles. My favorites are Original Track and the remix of „Home Alone“.

SCAPO – „Psychofunk original , no doubt its a hit! big track, already played in mysets, also Home Alone rmx its well done“ thx for the promo!

KICKFLIP – Hey there, original’s techy funkiness is bang on, playing this for sure!


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