A We Love Sundays at Space Exclusive – Loco Dice.

There are a select few people who have become synonymous with Ibiza; Loco Dice is one of those people. The island has been his summer home for a decade and a half and last season he launched his highly successful Used + Abused residency.


On an island renowned for people pushing for more year on year, constantly aiming for the ‘bigger’, or the ‘better’ it is very rare to see an artist take a step back. Last week Loco Dice had this to say –

I’d like to announce that after 15 amazing years with Ibiza as my summer base, and an amazing USED + ABUSED season, it’s time to put in work on a few special projects (new music!!!), and get inspired from new places and new experiences along the way.

But no summer is complete without a visit to the island! I’ll be there just one time only to perform and celebrate my birthday with friends on Sunday August 10th at We Love Sundays At Space.

I’ll see you all on the Isla Blanca.”

On Sunday 10th August We Love presents Loco Dice’s Birthday Party with an all star line up made up of a selection of his friends taking over Space’s 5 rooms from start to finish. The full line-up will be announced in the coming weeks but use your imagination and you’re probably not far off. If you were Loco Dice who would you invite to play at your birthday party?!

We Love… Sundays At Space, We Love… Loco Dice!

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